Current Timetable

Little Makos Swim School Term Two 2022 Timetable
Below is our timetable for Term 2 2022. 

Our term timetable stays pretty similar from term to term so if you see a class time and level that works for you for Term Two please enquire today!!!
Term Two 2022 runs for 10 weeks from Monday 2nd May for 10 weeks until Sunday 10th July 2022.

The classes that are highlighted in yellow are classes that are at capacity and we can take no further bookings in those class times. 
There are some spaces in our timetable that say class available - these can be booked out for private lessons or we can schedule another level in those time slots.

Please contact Sarah Chambers on 027 4584 310 if you would like to book one of the class available sessions.

To Book for a class please click to our Little Makos Swim School Registration Form: LTS Registration Form or alternatively please email

Weekend Timetable - Term Two 2022

Classes in Yellow indicate ones that are full. The instructor is listed below for each class.

Copy of Weekend Timetable - Term Three 2020 (13).png

Morning Timetable - Term Two 2022

Morning Timetable - Term Three 2020 (8).png

Afternoon Timetable - Term Two 2022

Please note that we have the capacity to run three classes at any time so please contact us to discuss your preferred class time if not listed here.

Afterschool Timetable - Term Three 2020 (10).png

We have the capacity to run three classes at the same time with the pool space available.

Where two classes are listed means that these are the two levels available in this 30-minute block.