School Based Swim Programmes

  • Tiny Mako 1
    Water Confidence:
    This class is for the new beginner focusing on comfort in the Water. Learning to put face in the water progressing to unaided floating
  • Tiny Mako 2
    Focus: Arm Strokes and Back Floating with Support
    This class is for the beginner who has learnt to float. Focus is introducing arm strokes to their kick.
  • Mako Improvers 1
    Focus: Learning to Breathe
    This class is designed for the more confident beginner who is able to do at least 4 arm strokes with good kick. Outcome is learning to breathe
  • Mako Improvers 2
    Focus: Arm Strokes, Breathing and unsupported Back Work
    This class focuses on getting the swimmer more confident in their freestyle Learning to kick unsupported on their backs.
  • Dolphin Squad
    Focus:Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle technique.
    Introducing Breaststroke pull and glide. Fitness for backstroke and freestyle.
  • Makos
    Focus: Technique work for all four Strokes
    This class focuses on technique of all 4 strokes before this child moves to competitive swim squads.