Mako Squad

Mako Squad

Mako Swim Squad:

This squad has an intense focus on all four strokes and technique getting children ready to either move to our ORCA squad or to other aquatic activities such as Water Polo, Underwater Hockey or competitive swimming to name a few. 
The expectation for graduating from this class is that the swimmer will be able to join a competitive swimming squad or our ORCA transition squad.

Key Aims and Objectives:
  • Butterfly and Breaststroke full lengths
  • Distance swim of 200m - 400m Individual Medley Swim
Classes are 30 minutes in length and can have up to 6 participants in each class.
We also have a cap policy at our swim school - all children aged 3 years and older we want wearing swim caps for thier lessons. The reasons for this is two fold as we have a problem with hair going through our filtration systems and pumps as well as that for children it can at times make it easier for them to swim if their hair is all tucked away in a cap. 
We have a good range of caps (in different materials to suit all our swimmers) and goggles available for purchase through our Little Makos Shop or you are welcome to bring your own to the lessons. 

$150.00 (Including GST) Per Child

10% family discount for each additional Child.
Little Makos next term starts on Monday 22nd July and bookings are now open for Term Three 2019. We have classes at this level available Monday - Sunday as the facility is open 7 days a week for lessons. 
We also run a school holiday intensive programme which runs this coming holidays from  Monday 8th- Friday 12th July 2019.   The cost for the 5 days is $75.00 with a 10% family discount for families booking more than one child in for classes with us. Your child will swim everyday at the same time for 5 consecutive days and is a great way to kickstart your child's swimming. Jake who is the manager of the swim school is the instructor for the upcoming holiday program.  

For more information please contact Sarah Chambers at or 027 4584 310

To complete a registration form for this class please click on the following link: LTS Registration Form


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