Harbour City Flippa Ball Club

Harbour City Flippa Ball Club

Flippa Ball is a FUN and exciting water based ball sport aimed exclusively at students years 3 to 8, owned and operated by New Zealand Water Polo (NZWP).

Fun Filled and Unbeatable

Fun and competitive it delivers all the benefits associated with sport and physical exercise plus with the unique set of skills and practices that it teaches it helps to make students who play it significantly more competent in the water without them even knowing it.

Harbour City Waterpolo and Flippa Ball Club

Harbour City Waterpolo Club is a family orientated club that offers quality coaching and training. Waterpolo training runs for age groups U12 through to Senior Women and Men's National League level teams.  Due to the redevelopment of the Berhampore School Aquatic Facility we can now offer specialist Flippa Ball Training for children who love the game and want extra training for this awesome sport.
  • Venue:
    Waterpolo training runs out of the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre in Kilbirnie, Wellington. Training sessions vary according to age group and level of ability.
    Flippa Ball Club training runs out of Berhampore School Aquatic Centre.
  • Cost:
    Waterpolo fees- For four terms of training including pool hire, coaching fees and training sessions for all of the age groups in our club  - $250.00 per year

    Flippa Ball fees -
     For Term 1 and Term 4 training including pool hire, coaching fees and training session per week is $100.00 per term.
  • Training Session Times:
    Waterpolo - For information on our training session times please visit the Harbour City Waterpolo Website http://www.harbourcitywaterpolo.com 
    For specific information or questions regarding the different age groups available please contact Sarah Goffe - Coaching Director for the club
    Email: polodevelopment@hotmail.com or 027 4584 310

    Flippa Ball - We have one Flippa Ball Session per week on Sunday morning from 9.00am - 10.30am. Training sessions include specific fitness training, game specific skills and game awareness situation training (Games). This is designed to be fun and challenging to improve player skills for those that love the game. Training for this group will start on Sunday 7th February.
  • Coaches:
    Waterpolo Club - Many of our coaches have played at national level including Senior Women and Men's national league and in some cases are international players. We also have a number of coaches that have coached at national team level.

    Flippa Ball Club - All our coaches currently play for the Harbour City Waterpolo Club at national level and are well qualified to pass on their knowledge to improve your child.
For more information please contact Sarah Goffe at Harbour City Waterpolo on email polodevelopment@hotmail.com or 027 4584 310 or show up to the first session of the season on the 7th February.



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