Mako Improvers 1

Mako Improvers 1
Basic Info:

Tiny Mako 1 through to Mako Advanced classes are 30 minutes in length.
Mako Improver 1 aims to build on both the Tiny Mako classes. Participants in this class are learning to float on their backs unsupported. Participants are learning the freestyle breathing technique to add to their kicking and arm stroking skills.

These classes can take up to 10 swimmers in each class with two classes being run at the same time.

Lessons are prices at $5.00 per swimmer per class.

This covers the pool entry, pool costs and teacher.

Swim season lasts 8 weeks of the term so each swimmer will pay $40.00 total for their lessons.

We can also sell caps and goggles for your swimmers to purchase.

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