Private Learn to Swim Classes

  • Tiny Mako 1
    Focus: Water Confidence
    This class is for the new beginner focusing on comfort in the Water. Learning to put face in the water progressing to unaided floating.
  • Tiny Mako 2
    Focus: Arm Strokes and Back Floating with Support
    This class is for the beginner who has learnt to float. Focus is introducing arm strokes to their kick.
  • Mako Improvers 1
    Focus: Learning to Breathe
    This class is designed for the more confident beginner who is able to do at least 4 arm strokes with good kick. Outcome is learning to breathe
  • Mako Improvers 2
    Mako Improvers 2 continues on from the progress at Mako Improvers 1 level increasing the distance that students swim in their freestyle and backstroke preparing them for our squad levels.
  • Manta Ray Squad
    Focus: Arm Strokes, Breathing and unsupported Back Work
    This class focuses on getting the swimmer more confident in their freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers in this level can swim 2 lengths of freestyle and backstroke.
  • Dolphin Squad
    Focus: Technique Backstroke, breaststroke and Freestyle
    Introducing Breaststroke pull and glide. Fitness for backstroke and freestyle.
  • Mako Squad
    Focus: Technique work for all four Strokes
    This class focuses on technique of all 4 strokes before this child moves to competitive swim squads.
  • ORCA Squad
    Focus: This is our highest squad level focused on transitioning swimmers into swim clubs or other aquatic sports by improving fitness and technique
  • School Holiday Intensive Learn to Swim
    The Little Makos Swim School runs an intensive school holiday programme for one week of each school holiday to kickstart your child's swimming for the upcoming term.